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My impatience got the better of me. Being 4 days late for that monthly visitor I finally gave in and peed on the five dollar stick. And you know what that $5 stick told me?  It told me I had wasted $5, and was not having a baby. Then, the next day mother nature came a calling. Go figure.

Strangely enough, my husband is starting to say things like “I could imagine us having a kid by next April.” Hmmm… of course, I think he really means that he well… is ready. Strange. I spent months agonizing over him saying he wasn’t ready. I would whine and pitch a fit insisting that we needed a baby ASAP! And he would just say we would have one soon enough. I don’t know what this all means. To have a baby in April we would have to get pregnant in July. What? Really? I don’t know if that will happen. I had kind of intended on starting the trying thing in August. I guess you’re supposed to go a month off of the pill (having one regular cycle) before starting to TTC. I guess that means I should stop taking them?

This is crazy talk really. Lol. Can’t it just magically happen? I’ll go to sleep tonight and wake up with a three your old? Any one with to help me in this endeavor? lol. I’m glad I have this place to talk about things like babies and sex with out my mom reading it.AWKWARD!!!

Umm… that’s all.