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My husband and I go on very very very long trips together. We sit in the car for hours on end listening to music, complaing about our lack of A/C in my 15 year old car, and chatting. Usually it is good conversation. We talk about politics and starting a family and buying a house. We discus the things we did as children, the imaginary games we played and the lies we told. It is a very refreshing thing to do.

But today he made me mad.

Like really mad. We were talking about baby names. And he says “It’s not really important.” Well… this did not sit well with me, especially since it is almost time for Aunt Flo to visit and my hormones are a little our of whack. Thusly, the argument over the important of a name went on and on and on… for more than an hour. By the way… when you’re in the car with some one, and hour is a long time. Eventually he saw the bRight side and agreed with me. Which brings me to my second though:

When some one suddenly says “You know what, you’re right.” what do you say back to them? My husband says this to me a lot (don’t worry, I have to say it too some times) – and honestly, I love that he is willing to look at my side and agree with me, but I’m not sure what to say. Should I say “Gosh! Finally” or something like “Tell me something I don’t know!” I usually end up saying that my goal isn’t to¬†challenge¬†him, but to understand. I don’t know if he believe me.

I married a wonderful man.

I have been on vacation for a week, and I am exhausted. FREAKING EXHAUSTED! So now, while my husband sits down to play a video game, something he hasn’t done all week… I am going to go to sleep… something I haven’t done all week!