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So take off all your clothes. Wait… don’t do that. Does any one else know that song? Everytime some one says “It’s hot in here” it goes through my mind. Blah.

A month ago we hired a company to come out and fix our A/C. They came out, charged us an arm and a leg, then said it was under warranty so we should get some one else to fix it for free. Well, that’s nice and dandy but it is freaking hot up in this house, especially with 4 computers in our office. I was very frustrated over their first appointment, and I gave them a “C” on Angie’s List. Well, I decided to give them another shot, and after being heckled for giving them less than a perfect review, it is going to cost $500+ to the A/C actually fixed. We won’t actually be paying it because it is our landlord’s job to pay for things over $30, but he is currently vacationing in Australia, and doing nothing useful. Thusly, it is 85 degrees in this house, and hot as hades!!! We have to wait for the go from the landlord before we go off spending his money to get it fixed. In the meantime we are leaving the dogs in the garage while we’re out, so they don’t die of heat exhaustion. I am also a little bit pissed about this company, but it was kind of a misunderstanding. They say I didn’t represent them appropriately in my review, I say their guy lied to them when he said he explained everything to us and offered to fix it the first time. Because he didn’t. Gah! I’m trying really hard not to get worked up over things right now, but it is SO frustrating with everything else going on right now. I just need a nap. Maybe I’ll move to a hotel? With two dogs and four computers. They better have free internet. lol.