My husband thinks it is kind of sill for me to be starting a new blog. And he’s right. My other blog is gaining popularity, has lots of regular followers, and over SIX YEARS worth of blogging. So, I’m not abandoing it. I’ll still write there.

The problem with Blog-A is that over half of my followers know me in person. They expect certain things from me. I blog about cooking, and my crazy dogs and my goofy husband and getting through college and my wedding. But I can’t blog about things like fights with my husband, or sex, or my opinions on abortion or immigration or any other “hot-topic” because, well… I’m not very thick skinned. I like my friends, and I would never say anything to make them uncomfortable. Unfortunately that leaves ME feeling a little uncomfortable. So, here I have Blog-B.

I don’t know that I will really be able to keep up two blogs full time, but I do occasionally need a place to write about things that I don’t want to share with people who knows me. I guess it’s just easier to talk to strangers.

So, thank you for being my strangers! I look forward to writing about ridiculous, awkward things!