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This may or may not be about sex… read at your own discretion.

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I’ve been working at a school since last November, and today was their last day – so I went in to say goodbye. It was quick, and lame, and I doubt these kids will remember me – despite the 100 hours I put in with them. It was still good though.

Next week my summer classes start, and I am not really looking forward to that. Actually… I’m kind of anxious. The only good thing is I am going to be going to the gym every day. I have a two hour break between classes, I will call it my skinny break, and hopefully I can stick to something and get some of this weight off so that… well… we’re going to start trying for those little pink skinned, slimy bunches of flesh and bones. Some people call them off-spring. ¬†Yeah – I need to get skinny before that happens though!

My husband and I are leaving in the morning for a long trip. I have a lot of packing and preparing to do. But he waited until RIGHT NOW to try out our new hose so we could set the timer to water the garden, and it had a leak so we had to go return and buy a new one. Now it’s almost 10 pm and there is still so much to do.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for a wedding, then driving back home (four hours each way) where we will sleep, and then wake up Saturday and drive 8 hours to my parent’s home. Drop off the dogs, hopefully sleep, and then drive another two hours to Virginia Beach for the hubs to go to some conference while I (hopefully) chilax on the beach.

Unfortunatly, The Hubs has started talking about grad school again. Gah. It’s so frustrating because he never listens to ANYTHING I say, and then he asks tons of questions and misses deadlines.

I need to be more on top of this married life thing.

I need a nap, like something awful.