Recently my older dog has started having accidents at night time. I’m hoping it’s just the urinary tract infection that I want it to be. But my baby is 14 years old. That’s old. That’s really old for a large dog like her. She went to the vet today and got some anti-biotics, so hopefully she will get over this, and it’s just a little problem.

Unfortuunatly in the back of my mind I keep hearing “She’s old…” and maybe this is where her body stops functioning like it should, and it could soon be time to put her down. I’ve been thinking about this all day. On the way to the vet it was all I could do to not cry. Then just now I was telling my husband I am going to buy a baby gate so we can keep her in the kitchen at night, so it’s easier to clean any messes up  – and I really did cry. She’s been my baby for 7 years now, when I rescued her from an abusive home. It just breaks my heart. I knew this day would come. I’ve been preparing for the time when she leaves me. But it just makes me so sad. She has people eyes, and she snuggles me when I cry and has seen me through some really terrible things in my life.

But then again – nothing (as in it’s just an infection, and not old age) could be wrong and I’m just stressing myself out. Who knows, but I’m buying the gate because I don’t want to clean the carpet AGAIN!